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15 September 2020

Linear Park Wildflower Area

Grid Ref SO638136

At last! The Dean Green Team are back in action. However, the rules and regulations due to the Covid crisis have to be abided with so only a small team can go out at the moment.

Our rangers gave us concise instructions regarding our limitations of contact as two groups of six people only were widely spread out at the Linear Park wildflower area.

Our task was to clear some of the invasive bramble and to plant wild flowers which were funded through the Foresters Forest Heritage Lottery Funded Project - we planted over 1000 flowers!


It was an extremely hot day and the ground was very dry but we had brought water with us to soak the newly planted flowers.

Sheep will be grazing here over the winter as bracken and bramble are doing their best to smother the area although there is plenty of winter grass available for them.

We planted along the humps where we had planted a couple of years ago. There were some good signs of previous plants still growing there, particularly the wild strawberries.

We saw this lovely birdsfoot trefoil seed head on one of the plants we planted a couple of years ago. Good to see the original plants now spreading their seeds! You can see why the plant is called birdsfoot as the seeds so resemble a birds foot.