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The boulder scree is marked with yellow markers so that ramblers can negotiate their way across.


15 September 2009

This shows the buddleia at the side of the River Wye. The tide reaches up to here from Chepstow and it was low as we started work.


Lancaut/Ban-Y-Gor Wood GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST539966

We followed the trail of Offa's Dyke long distance path until it led down the cliffs to the River Wye. The GWT reserve ends for a short while along here and the path has been totally covered by a massive rock fall caused by quarrying in the 1980s. This has then been overwhelmed by Buddleia bushes which are obscuring the track. Buddleia is not a native species as it appeared in about 1890 but it is well known for providing a butterfly environment and will regrow.

At the start of the work, a large group of ramblers from Caldicot came by and this demonstrated the difficulty of traversing this track through all the bushes.

River Wye


Buddleia clearance

This is a part of the track which was nearly impassable before we cleared the Buddleia which can be seen piled up on the left.









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