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15 August 2023

Old Tramway, Bixslade


This was our usual yearly task to clear the old tramway stones.The Bixslade Tramroad was a branch off the Severn and Wye Railway a 3 ft 6 in. gauge tramroad from Lydney to Lydbrook, which opened in 1810. The 3/4-mile branch was built to serve collieries and stone quarries along Bixslade and had opened by June 1812. Traffic had ceased by November 1946. However, a section of stone blocks in the lower part of Bixslade was renovated by Forest Enterprise in the 1990s.

The main track is relatively clear but the stones on the right get covered by bracken and weeds.

il holee

Bixslade tramway was the last horse drawn tram road to operate in the Dean.

The original track consisted of L-section cast iron plates, 3 ft long and weighing 42 lbs, spiked to stone blocks (or setts) with single iron nails. Later track utilised longer plates, set on chairs which were attached to the blocks with two tapered bosses. Both types of block, which weighed at least 160 lbs and were at least 14 in. square by 7 in. thick, can be seen in Bixslade.