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15 May 2018

Linear Park - Wildlife Survey

Grid Ref SO650126


We are doing wildlife surveys through the summer.We are collecting data regarding the wild plants, butterflies and moths, birds and any other species we spot! It was a warm spring day and Linear Park is a regular transept for our butterfly surveyers to check during June and July.

The full report of species recorded can be seen here





The ducks in the ponds with the bulrush starting to grow. It is also known as small reedmace. This hugely impressive bulrush is, in the wild, found growing beside lakes and ponds. The flowers are catkins, which gradually turn brown, releasing downy seeds that get wafted away on the breeze.






We had surveyed up the stream above the ponds and needed to return on the other side of the stream. It would have meant quite a long back track until we found this plank crossing the stream.

It was very wobbly!





Surveying in progress.

Noting down the species and checking in the book!.