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15 April 2014

Staple Edge

Grid Ref SO647099


Another totally new site for us and it was a beautiful location deep in the forest. The weather was sunny and the site was spectacular. There was very clear evidence of the wild boar in this area and, apparently, there were quite a few sounders with very young humbugs nearby. This is a perfect site for the boar as it is so far away from any roads.

We were to open out the glade which was overgrown with young hemlock and larch. These were removed to create a sunny area for the butterflies.







At the start of the day, the hemlock and larch are visible and spread over a wide area.





The sunshine is evident. We had our ranger chain sawing the larger trees and she spotted a couple of wild boar in the distance. Most of the boar would have quietly disappeared once we had lit the fire.





At the end of the day, this shows how open we have made the site now.

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