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15 March 2016

Lords Wood, The Doward

Grid Ref SO552151


A large team turned up at the Doward so it was convenient that we had a good expanse of scrubby woodland to clear out into glades and encourage the heather and bilberry to grow.

We did not have any fires as it was considered to be too dry and we did not want to risk the fires spreading. We were told that the wild boar have now been seen in these woods for the first time. In order to reach these woods from the main forest, the boar would have had to tackle the crossing of the River Wye. Pigs can swim but they are also very clever so it could be likely that they crossed the foot bridge at the Biblins!









As there were no fires, the piles of gorse and scrub grew quite enormous which shows how much we do remove!





A glade which is now open.





The team at lunchtime - can you see the youngest member of the team having a little snooze? Bless him!




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