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15 March 2011

This shows the side of the bank which has now been cleared and the effect that the sun will have on this bank which will benefit the butterflies.

The team have cleared the hazel from the bank and are burning off the brush.

The Bearse

Grid Ref SO573058

A beautiful spring day to remove the brush from the steep bank to make it better for the butterflies.

The Bearse is a geological site for Travatine Sand and is reputed to be the only site in south west England where the sand can be seen although it is covered in moss in the stream. Travertine is a sedimentary rock. It is a natural chemical precipitate of carbonate minerals; typically aragonite, but often recrystallized to, or primarily, calcite.Travertine forms as calcium carbonate is deposited from the water of mineral springs or rivulets that are saturated with dissolved calcium bicarbonate.





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