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15 January 2019

Viney Hill

Grid Ref SO651064


We had been to Viney Hill on the 8th May 2018 to remove tree guards (see here) and, this time, we returned as there was another wood nearby which needed hundreds of tree guards removed as well. A mulching machine had been through the area which cleared all the bramble and ferns.

Starting on the tree guards.

Removing the plastic guards and stakes. The plastic twines which attached the guards to the stakes were found to be easily removed and reusable so many of us took them away for use in our own gardens.







We found this deer antler on the site. We think that it came off a young buck. We also found a robin's nest and a collection of large feathers from a corvid (possibly a raven).





The hundreds of tree guards (each one seen in the image is packed inside with 4-5 other ones) were taken to Castlemain depot to be disposed of.

Our rangers were extremely pleased with all this!