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14 November 2017

Parson's Allotment

Grid Ref ST559981


This was our second visit to Parson's Allotment which is in Tidenham Chase. We continued to clear around the stone and along the rides which splayed out from the stone. We also made a start at clearing the old quarry which is in the area.

We received the following message from a local resident who also does bird watching in Poors Allotment which is adjacent to Parsons Allotment. It is a boost for the Dean Green Team to get such good feedback!

"First of all, I noticed about seven cars were parked inside Parsons Allotment by our house yesterday up to about 1600hrs, - something was happening. I walked down the track from our house this morning and was delighted to see that the Jubilee Stone is now all cleared, plus some quite large clearances of forest next to it. And the tracks have been very well cleared and opened up to original dimensions. So that is excellent, - well done whoever it was - should be good news for butterflies next year. The only thing still missing would be a couple of avenues cleared down the hill to open up some of the original view of the Severn estuary (the view was the reason the stone was dragged up there for Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee).

Some bird news to report:

Stonechats on Poors – at least two stayed there up to October 27th, but I didn't see any today, but they were around for at least 20 days which is good.
Poors Allotment on Oct 25th – between 11.45 and 12.15 about 1000 Woodpigeons flew over to SW in flocks of 50 to 100 birds. Also a Kestrel hovering (very rare here these days), and a Sparrow Hawk, and about 6 Skylarks also flying over
Common Snipe- first one for me this autumn on the Park on Oct 26th, with 1 Yellowhammer and 1 Reed Bunting also.
Oct 27th on Poors, - ca 20 Meadow Pipits, 1 Yellowhammer, 2 or 3 Stonechats, several Red Admirals, and a Small Tortoishell, and 4 Golden Plovers flew over, heading towards the Wye Valley.
Oct 28th – several Siskins (ca 6) and Lesser Redpolls (ca 3) around in our field/edge of the Park – and ca 5 Skylarks flew west overhead.
Nov 1st – on Poors, - 3 perhaps 4 Yellowhammers (2 males), ca 10 Meadow Pipits, several Common Darters, and 2 Southern Hawkers still laying eggs, and ca 4 Skylarks overhead flying N. Still several fresh Red Admirals flying about. Two Fieldfares and 1 Redwing. Did not see Stonechats there today."





This is the photo taken the day after we last went there





Luckily, the first aid box is seldom used and looks quite lonely hanging in a tree - just in case!





The team are working down one of the rides and have opened it up very well.