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Exmoor ponyExmoor ponies
Exmoor ponies
The ponies came to watch us as we worked. The small birch trees which we were removing can be seen in the background.
The Forestry Commission are still removing the conifers on the north of the site.

This shows the expanse of Tidenham Park. The larger trees will be left for the birds but the smaller birch will be removed.

The ponies are called Rosie, Hebe and Jack but we could not fathom out which was which! (except perhaps Jack!)


14 November, 2006

The Park, Tidenham Chase FC/GWT/RSPB Reserve

Grid Ref SO559994

The reserve at Tidenham Chase is being re-generated from conifer woodland to natural heathland and most of the work we do there is to tidy up the new growth of birch and gorse. Last winter the Forestry Commission tried using Galloway cattle to keep the heathland in good order but this winter they are experimenting with three Exmoor ponies. The ponies are in excellent condition and are thriving on the very rough pasture. There are a few good ponds which they use as watering holes and the main area of quite a few acres has been fenced in for them.




Tidenham Park

Tidenham Park











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