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14 February 2012

Moseley Green

Grid Ref SO637088



Moseley Green is an important forest site for butterflies, in particular, the small pearl-bordered fritilllary. This butterfly gets its name from the series of "pearls" that run along the outside edge of the underside of the hindwing. The primary larval food plants for this butterfly are Common Dog-violet(Viola riviniana) and Marsh Violet(Viola palustris), both of which have been found growing along the ditches.

Some of the team cleared along the ditches, whilst others opened up a pond which had been smothered by thorns.







The image shows the length of the ditch along the line of the telegraph poles. Over the years we have managed to keep this area clear of scrub but there was still some debris to tidy up.





It was a bright, sunny day and the heathland in this area provides an ideal spot for the butterflies.






Although the temperature has risen considerably, the pond was still iced over.

















































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