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14 January 2020

Lightmoor open area

Grid Ref SO642118



Well.... Storm Brendan arrived as we were starting work! The gales and stormy rain were horrendous. However, our hardy team did the best that they could although we did leave earlier than on most days. Lightmoor open area is a noted Adder site and loads of small birch had been cut to clear the area. We were creating brush heaps for the reptiles, including lizards, to shelter under.





The team are clearing the area . Many ancient ants nests cover the site.

We were also delayed in reaching the site as the entrance at Mallards Pike was closed for track maintenance.





This is one of the piles of birch cuttings awaiting collection which are used on nearby horse racing venues for the jump fences.

We did not cut these but it is good to see a constructive use of the birch!






We had to shelter under the conifers for our break and most of us were shivering as we were cold and wet and there was no fire!

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