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13 November 2018

Wigpool GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO652195


On a bright, sunny day we all met at Wigpool GWT Nature Reserve for the first of a series of birch clearance. Luckily, paths had been cleared of the large bramble by a machine otherwise we would not have been able to get through it! Masses of birch were cut and herbicide sprayed on the stumps and about four large fires burnt the cuttings away.

We found the recent skeletal remains of a badger and a couple of song thrush nests.

Larger birch trees were cut with a chain saw by our ranger.

This area had the Exmoor ponies in it during the summer and they have now been moved to Crabtree Hill.







Team work!

There are times when we work alone but we also need assistance on occasions!





We found this Song Thrush nest situated about three feet up a little spruce.

The nest, built entirely by the female, is low down in any suitable cover, including trees and shrubs, among creepers on walls, on ledges, and on the ground amongst thick vegetation. It is a neat structure of twigs, grass and moss, cemented together and thickly lined with mud, dung and rotten wood, often mixed with leaves. It can take three weeks to complete. Sometimes the same nest is used for successive broods.