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13 November 2012


Grid Ref SO630127



This week we were diverted from Cannop Ponds to Woorgreen as the water logged ground at Cannop was too horrendous even for our stout wellies! We were to totally clear the stream which feeds Woorgreen Lake of the alder which was smothering it and to take down some damaged birch in the area. This is a job which needs doing every 4-5 years and, although we were in danger of water sloshing over our wellies whilst stood in the stream, we have now made the stream full flowing.







At the start of the day the alder can be seen growing up from yhe stream and the track beside it is bvery muddy.





Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust provide the tools when we are working with them so the bucket full of loppers are well used.






At the end of the day there is a clear route for the stream to follow. We left the hawthorns standing.

















































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