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The team have stopped for a break whilst the fire burns brightly in the distance. We burnt some of the discarded scrub but also left piles to rot down naturally and encourage invertebrates.

13 November 2007

This is the area we were about to clear with the invasive birch saplings crowding out the heather.

The pond is very tranquil and an old birds nest is seen hanging from the branches of a tree overlooking the pond.

Long Pond, Plump Hill  FC/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO658167

The Long Pond at Plump Hill was visited by the Dean Green Team three years ago where the pond area was made more open and this time we were clearing the invasive birch to allow more room for the heather and winberry plants.

Last week the BBC program showed a film of the wild boar in the Forest of Dean. This has created a lot of interest and the Forestry Commision advise people not to approach the boar as the sows with piglets can be very protective and the male boars are very large but as the boar are secretive animals it is unlikely to come across them!



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