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13 October 2020

Foxes Bridge Colliery pond

Grid Ref SO638136


Pillowell Rec and Mire


Horse Lawn Dam

Grid Ref SO62510606

Again, this week, our FE Rangers had organised 4 groups of 6 people and we were spread out across the forest.

One team went to Foxes Bridge Colliery pond

One team went to Pillowell Mire clearing vegetation (mainly bramble) back to help increase the biodiversity.

One team went to Pillowell Recreation Ground (War Memorial) to continue clearing a track through for the impending new fencing.

One team went to Horse Lawn Dam to repair a collapsed culvert.


We found this Knot Grass moth caterpillar. It was on a bramble leaf which is one of its foodplants.

Foxes Bridge Colliery pond

The team are all delighted to be back at work in the forest!

Pillowell Mire

The team continued with the clearing of the Mire although the lunch break took priority!

We found quite a few of these Parasol Mushrooms on the old football pitch.

Pillowell Recreation Ground

Quite a few squirrel damaged trees were removed and the cleared track for the new anti boar fencing is now ready for fence erection.

Horse Lawn Dam

Dam building with out beavers!
This was built to prevent flooding at the culvert under the forest track and further down. It was good fun and appropriate use of the logs cut to clear the way for the new fence at Pillowell Rec