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13 September 2016

Lancaut GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST541965


Lancaut lies alongside the River Wye and the tide was out! The site is very rich in wildlife with over 350 plant species recorded and a wide range of birds around the wood and south facing cliffs such as peregrine falcon and raven. Cormorant and heron frequent the river, and occasionally a seal will pop up in the river on a spring tide. A great place with stunning iconic views from the cliffs.

Our task was to restore the meadow surrounds to the ancient derelict chapel - cut (brushcutter trained persons) bramble, bracken scrub, rake off to shady compost piles, and rake up debris to encourage meadow regrowth to be grazed by sheep






The view along the river showing our fire in the distance.

The weather was predicted to be really hot with thunderstorms, which we certainly had and it was very scary for some of our dogs but at least the rain cooled us down! The site is gorgeous.





Walking down to the ancient chapel.

The climb back up the hill is quite arduous and was done slowly after a hard days work!





The team clearing the old stone work below Lancaut Chapel.





This amazing wood carving of a peregrine stands 10ft tall by the car park at the top of the hill.

It was carved from a massive oak which came down at Spruce Ride near to Speech House and, with much effort, was transported here and set deep into the ground. Clayton Ryder, the forest wood carver, created this beautiful peregrine.

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