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13 August 2019

Mallards Pike

Grid Ref SO636092

We met at Mallards Pike car park but the actual site was about a mile further in the deep woods so most of us drove there. Our task was to clear back overhanging branches on a trail which is part of the 3K running route and a better surface will later be laid over the muddy track. After lunch, the team moved nearer to the lake to clear some fallen branches.

A pair of wellies were found!

They were well sunk into the wet track but, be assured, no dead body was found near them!

The sun glancing through the trees as the team worked.

We found masses of wild mint in flower along the track which lent a heady perfume to our work. We also had to trim back a very large crab apple tree which was covered in lichen.

Lunchtime for the team!

We do have old and young members of the team when the school holidays allow the young ones to attend.