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13 June 2023

Greathough Brook at Piano Corner

Grid Ref SO621154


We returned to the Beaver Project site for another clear up around the fencing. As it is full summer, the foliage is abundant to the point that the fencing can't be seen!

The area by the dams is now absolutely full of water. The beavers have two kits this year.The mosaic of wetland habitats they create supports species like dragonflies, kingfishers and breeding fish. They also allow sunlight to reach woodland floors by coppicing trees, which creates wildlife-rich beaver meadows with wildflowers, mosses and grasses. The benefits that beavers bring make them a keystone species, which are vital to our landscape, and are key to our hopes of reversing the decline of Gloucestershire's wildlife.

The clearing along the fence line was mainly of Dock and Nettles

This is the main dam which probably has the lodge for the kits underneath. We also saw a couple of Mallard ducks with ducklings further up the stream.

It was an extremely hot day which required longer refreshing breaks in the shade!