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13 May 2014

Marians Inclosure

Grid Ref SO566120


A visit to Marians Inclosure which is a very large part of the forest going from Christchurch down to the River Wye. The contractors had been in and coppiced a three acre site. Our task was to take all the coppiced brush and build large and wide hedges around the area. This was to deter the deer from nibbling on the new shoots which would appear at the base of the coppiced stumps.







The team are laying the brush along the bottom stretch of the site and are building up a high and wide hedge. 





Some of the piles of brush are tidied up and left as they were to form smaller enclosures within the main site. The team can be seen in the distance building the hedge at the top of the site.





Yes! - we were caught in the only rain shower of the day and needed to shelter under a large tree with our waterproofs on! 

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