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Edgehills Heath
Edgehills Heath

13 March 2007

This shows the work in progress.


The area of conifer woodland that has now been totally cleared by the Forestry Commission. The transmission arials on Plump Hill are visible.


The section to be cleared being pointed out by a Forest Ranger.

Click on the photo and you can see the result



Edgehills Heath

Grid Ref SO658155

A really beautiful spring day to work out in the forest! We had worked on this site about three winters ago having cleared enormous patches of gorse. Since then, the tranformation of the site is immense as the Forestry Commission have cleared a massive area of conifer woodland in preparation for converitng the site to heathland. We were asked to clear some small shrubs and trees so that there was an open area connecting the Forestry cleared conifers and the original heath. During the course of the day we saw a large yellow brimstone butterfly across the heath..

















Edgehills Heath

Edgehills Heath


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