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The stream is a run-off from Clanna Lakes and is, possibly, a route used by otters.

13 January 2009

The little bridge beside the ford over the stream is an asset to walkers and dogs alike!

This track used to be totally impassable but is now a wide, open space.



Grid Ref SO584023


The work at Clanna is having a real effect on the area now. There has been masses of laurel to cut back as the laurel was smothering the woods and making the tracks impassable. Now though, the woods have a chance to open up and we hope that it will encourage more wild flowers and butterflies to spread through the area. The tracks are quite muddy as they are well used but, after clearing the laurel, there are less soggy puddles and the open aspect gives it all a chance to dry out.


Clanna Track

Clanna Stream

Clanna Stream


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