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12 November 2019

Tidenham Chase Park GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST558992

It was a bitterly cold day with biting wind so our fires were essential for us! We were continuing the clearing of the birch at Tidenham Chase and enlarging the heathland landscape. Going further into the dense coppices we were taking out some very leggy gorse as well. We were pleased to see small bunches of blueberry and heather dotted about so opening up the coppice will help them expand. We also made a point not to cut the rowan or buckthorn which were there.

The first fire is being started.

We are now clearing coppices of birch to link up open areas between them.

The wind was quite strong so we had to be careful that the fires did not spread.

Piles and piles of small birch were dragged together before being cut smaller for the fires.