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12 September 2017

Greathough Brook at Piano Corner

Grid Ref SO621154


It was the first day of our autumn schedule after the summer break and a good many of the team turned up. Therefore, there was a lot of catching up on everyone's gossip! During the summer, metal post had been inserted all along the stream and these all had to have painted numbers on them. This is to help with future surveys. Most of the team were split into three and they did each post and recorded the GPS of them.

The rest of the team went up to Pan Tod on Ruardean Hill where the long cut grass needed raking. As it was such a glorious sunny day they had a good view across to the Welsh hills.


The team are receiving instructions.

They were checking the maps and dividing into the three groups.






There is still a lot of lush growth in the forest before autumn actually fully arrives so it is difficult to see the stream here. Our team member is walking beside the stream looking for the next post.

This is one of the posts after numbering. They were coded with 'U' for the upper stream, 'B' for the proposed beaver enclosure and 'L' for the lower stream.


Pan Tod on Ruardean Hill

Lots of raking to do but well worth it!