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12 March 2019

Worcester Walk ( Worcester Lodge Old Campsite)

Grid Ref SO59471165


A very wet day at Worcester Walk but a hardy group came out to assist with the fence clearing. This is a project we were helping the Worcester Walk Community Group and Forester's Forest Landscape Partnership complete. The area is three large fields which had previously been used as a forest campsite but is now scoured by boar churnings. Forester's Forest are financing new fencing, the digging of a wildlife pond, and the planting of a couple of fruit orchards.

Our task was to remove the old, dilapdated wire fencing and clear the scrub along the sides so that the new fencing could be erected which should be done in the next couple of weeks.

The team are removing the fencing and we used two fires to burn off woody debris.Many hands make light work!







Modern machinery is unusual for us!

We had the help of the tractor and trailer to cart over the trees which had been cut by the contractors. This was quickly put onto the fire.



The start of one of the fires which eventually grew to an enormous size!