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12 February 2019

Horsepool Bottom Nature Reserve at Oakraven Field Centre

Grid Ref SO667167


We had a busy day at Horsepool Bottom! There were masses of branches to clear up especially along the hedge lines where we were clearing in order to plant a new hedge.Larger trees were cut down to provide a more open canopy.

The pond is now full of water and looking very healthy.

A count was taken last year of the presence of Great Crested Newts and eight were caught in the traps which means that there are far more than that.







Clearing next to the fence line.We planted 400 tiny saplings along the line and within the reserve. The hedge plants were blackthorn, wild cherry, and hawthorn. Hazel was planted over the interior of the reserve.





The hazel sprigs were planted all across the reserve and supported by the canes with small tree guards around them for protection.

The aim is to have a seven year rotation for coppicing.

Three Dormouse nests have been found on the reserve so it is hoped that the increase in hazel will encourage them to increase in numbers.





We found this fungus growing in the wood

Common name(s): yellow brain, golden jelly fungus, yellow tremble, witches' butter

Scientific name: Tremella mesenterica

This fungus doesn't have the typical structure like other woodland fungi. It can be seen as an orange gelatinous mass. Currently yellow brain is listed as a common species throughout the UK.