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11 December 2018

Wigpool GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO652195


This was the last of our three visits to Wigpool and we cleared the birch further up the hill. We were a large team today so we spread out and had a few fires going. One of the bonuses that the Dean Green Team have is that they can take a small Pine tree as a Christmas tree at this time of year - there were countless small Pine and Spruce in the area.

Very attentative team listening to our ranger as he explains the task for the day!







Break time!

Some of the team were cutting the birch whilst others dragged the branches to the fires and others loaded the fires. Everyone can choose their mode of work and we regularly swap jobs during the day.





This is the area which we had cleared of birch in the last two sessions here. The birch stumps had been sprayed with herbicide to prevent re-growth. However, a large mulching machine had been brought in to totally clear the remaining gorse, bracken and bramble for the heathland re-generation.

It will be interesting next year to see how it looks.