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This is the outside of King Arthur's cave. The cave is situated at the foot of a low cliff at the north-western end of Lord's Wood on the hill of Great Doward at Whitchurch near the River Wye. All of the deposits that have filled this cave seem to be either Late Pleistocene or more recent including hyena, lion, cave and brown bear, urus, red deer, giant Irish Elk, reindeer.


This is a large ant nest which we found here and was very interesting as the only other place we had found any was at Dymock Woods (click here to see the report)

The team are finishing up the clearing along side this track and had been able to use the tops of some Corsican Pines to take home for Christmas trees!

If you move your mouse over the photo you can see the track before we started the clearing.


11 December, 2007

The Doward, King Arthur's Cave

Grid Ref SO548157

This was our first visit to the woods near King Arthur's cave on the Doward. We were clearing the sides of a track. set between two open areas of forest, in order to provide a 'passageway' for butterflies in the summer. The weather was really glorious as there had been a frost of -4 degrees in the night and the sun was out to thaw us all day long. Some of the team went to visit King Arthur's cave after the lunch break and to stand on the top of the Seven Sisters rocks over looking the River Wye.




Doward Woods

Ant Nest


King Arthur's Cave


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