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11 Oct 2016

Edgehills Bog GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO660154



When we arrived at Edgehills there was a thick fog shrouding us but it quickly dissipated and then we had the most glorious sunshine. This was our usual task of removing the invasive birch. Over the years, we have managed to cut down very large birch so most of the work involves cutting up to 2-3 years growth. These often sprout from within dense gorse and it can be tricky to find the stumps to use the herbicide on.






One of the radio masts in the distance and a bright blue sky!





We actually built three fires as the birch is more spread out now that the main clumps have been dealt with over the years.






Buzzards where flying overhead all day but we did not see the Exmoor ponies at all. It is a very large area and the ponies can easily hide from us.

Pretty ponies - whats the risk in feeding?

When one visitor hand feeds a carrot or apple it programs the ponies to think of people as something to rush up to and grab a treat before the other ponies get in. This may work if your 6' tall and 95kg but for a 4 year old boy, who was recently knocked over and left very scared by the ponies who he thought were friends, its a risk we cannot continue with.

Please please please, for those who like to see the ponies in the Forest, do not be tempted to lure or feed the ponies as it will ultimately mean the removal of them from our Forest nature reserves.


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