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11 September 2012

Sandstone quarries, Old Staple-edge Wood,Geological site

Grid Ref SO647106



This was the first outing of the autumn schedule and was a beautiful day with sunshine and temperate weather. The track down the hill to the site was quite far and a lovely walk. On arrival at the site we were a little confused as to which side of the quarry needed clearing but it was soon evident when we saw the sun trying to illuminate the quarry walls - that was where we needed to clear the trees and shrubs! This would open up the rocks and provide a sunny position for butterflies, lizards and adders.







The start of the day and the men are moving some small shrubs.





This is the 'before' image showing the shade which has been caused by the trees and a little of the sun on the rocks behind.






At the end of the day we have cleared and burnt a good deal and the sun is now across the whole site.

















































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