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11 August 2009

The gully is now visible after the laurel is cleared. The new shoots of laurel will be sprayed to prevent them growing again.

This shows an area which has exposed a large red cedar. The whole of this area was previously an impenetrable jungle of laurel.


Grid Ref SO584023


Clanna has been one of our regular sites as there is so much work to do there. It is a wood which is totally overgrown with laurel and has become a bit of a jungle over the years, so this was our twelfth visit here in the last two years. When we clear away the entangled laurel we suddenly find previously hidden mature trees which are quite majestic and young oak and hazel. We also open up the area to sunlight so that other wild flora can find a home.

We had been working our way along the old canal and after so many visits to the site were thrilled to finally reach the lake at the bottom of the hill.





The lake is reached!!!

The final part of the day finds us at the walled bridge on the side of the lake where water is trickling over.


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