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11 May 2021

Brierley and Lightmoor Ponds



Litter picking is a job we do on a regular basis throughout the year although we do not usually have as much to pick up as we did this time!

We had three groups of volunteers out litter picking this Tuesday. We worked through rain one minute and glorious sunshine the next!

We would estimate that about 70% of the litter was old and 30% new.

We collected everything from tyres to glass bottles but there was a definite high percentage of plastic wrappers/bags

This group was at Lightmoor ponds, where we picked around the pond, the car park and up the access track.

We had one group at Brierley between the quarry and houses where lots of old litter had spilled into the woods from recycling bins that used to be located there.

Another group was at Brierley in the woods opposite the petrol station