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11 February 2020

Dark Hill and Gorsty Knoll

Grid Ref SO588087



It was a crisp but windy day at Darkhill where we were clearing small scrub and raking old bracken to clear the ground for other plants to grow.

Two years ago, we dug a hibernaculum for the adders so a few of us went to find it. Apparently, there are definitely adders hibernating in there which is good to know.





On Gorsty Knoll the contractors were busy strimming away at the bracken and the bramble. Our team were piling up the cut birch branches.





This image is to prove that our Forestry rangers actually DO quite a lot of the work with us!

Some of us find raking a tedious task and it can easily cause aching arms so the advice is to just do it for a short while and then to go and do something else. Luckily, we do have variety!





At the end of the day, large swathes of piled bracken are left. We did find many little green plants growing up under the bracken and they are now exposed for further growth.