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11 February 2014

Linear Park

Grid Ref SO650126



Linear Park near to Valley Road, Cinderford is the site of a unique area of wildlife conservation and features a footpath and cycle trail on the corridor route of the former railway branch line which winds through a derelict colliery, industrial and ex-opencast land on the edge of the forest.

The day was a bit of a mixed bag of sun, sleet, snow and rain. Because we were working on Council land (no fires allowed) we also had to drag everything we cut into the pine woods. This meant going through welly topping flooded ground so we all got wet feet, and more.






The team were despatched to fell and drag all of the pines on the old railway marshalling yard section of the Linear Park.

All the pines got cleared, a good lot of bracken got raked in key areas, a useful new glade was created backed by a dense brash pile on the pine plantation side, and several of the bigger hawthorns were given a good trim, with all the brash arising stacked very neatly and compactly at the base of the slope, leaving bare ground and adjoining bracken as intended.





This image not only shows how open the path is now which will be of use as a butterfly corridor, but, also, the effect of the recent very wet weather.






The highlight of the day was when one of the team fell face down into the cold flooded area.  Ironically it was disposing of almost the last tree of the day. We obviously can't disclose who it was , but he did go home in his car with wet seats!.

















































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