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10 December 2019

Woorgreen Lake GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO626127

It is amazing that, even when it is freezing cold and a storm is blowing rain into our faces, such a large number of the team STILL come out to the reserves! Maybe, it's the fires which console them!

We had a large area to gather and burn the excess of conifers and alder brash. Alder logs were retained in frequent refuge piles as amphibians are an important focus here. Growing Alder at different stages of it's development is also beneficial to the wildlife

We were all wrapped up well in our waterproofs and soon had quite a few fires alight.

Break time by the fire!

Earthball Mushrooms

We found quite a few of these near to the Alder trees.

These mushrooms fool many people and account for the second most mushroom poisonings in the UK each year. They are not deadly, but can make you very ill. Earthballs are easily identified though, as they have a tough warted skin, giving them their other common name 'The Poison Pigskin Puffball'. They are also more solid to the touch and less spongy throughout.