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The pond can still not be seen clearly but it is the area at the right of the picture still covered in bull rushes. The team have totally cleared the area which was overgrown with wild alder.

10 November 2009

The pond is behind the smoke of the fire and the track leads to the Crabtree plantation


Woorgreen Lake

Grid Ref SO630127

We were working on the small pond access at the rear of Kinsley Lodge.  It was wildly overgrown, predominantly with alder which we cleared for two main purposes. That is to create a habitat for butterflies and dragonflies for next year and to enable contractors to access the lake in order to drag out approximately one third of its bullrush contamination. It is hoped that this will be done during the winter or early next spring.



At the start of the day



The team are building up the fire with the removed alder from the pond and are also using the sickle to remove bramble.




Final clearance






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