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The task today was to build two otter holts on the site of this nature reserve. The site was a marshy area which had a good stream running through it. The Forestry Commission had been using their heavy machinery to clear a lot of trees and shrub at the edges of the site which provided us with the logs and small branches for the otter holts.
The team have finished the otter holt and are tidying up
Otter holt completion
Putting on the brush
Otter holt construction
Designing the otter holt


The green brush is used to cover the roof and to provide a camoflage for the otter holt



The layout is in place using the larger logs and the sturdy thinner wood is used as a roof


The team are deciding the best way to construct the otter holt

10 October, 2006

Foxes Bridge FC/GWT Reserve

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