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10 September 2019

Ruardean Woodside Woods

Grid Ref SO639160

We were deep in the woods at Ruardean Woodside again having started this job on the 2nd July and we still have not finished it! However, we have now enclosed a large area with brush hedging. This area had been cleared of trees leaving a mass of cuttings and brash across the ground. The Sweet Chestnut coppicing was already re-growing with shoots about 2 feet high.

Stakes were put in to secure the brush inserts.

The men think it is hilarious when one of the girls has a go at the sledge hammer!

The hedge is half built.

The growing Sweet Chestnut can be seen.

The team are building along the top side of the area. There were 20 of us here today so we spread out across the site which worked well.