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The ponds and terrace
The team are enjoying the feeder stream which leads to three small ponds containing good sized carp

10 July 2007

The Corsican Pines were an impressive sight

Annual Outing to St Fagans, the National Museum of Wales


Members of the team enjoyed a day out at the National Museum exploring the re-built cottages and farmhouses which had peat fires glowing in them. Of particular interest was a 1940s prefab which was a direct copy of a home one of our members had grown up in.

St Fagans is one of Europe's foremost open–air museums and Wales's most popular heritage attraction. It stands in the grounds of the magnificent St Fagans Castle, a late 16th-century manor house donated to the people of Wales by the Earl of Plymouth. During the last fifty years, over forty original buildings from different historical periods have been re-erected in the 100-acre parkland. St Fagans explores all aspects of how people in Wales have lived, worked and spent their leisure time.

The re-erected buildings include houses, a farm, a school, a chapel and a splendid Workmen's Institute. There are also workshops where craftsmen still demonstrate their traditional skills.



St Fagans pines


St Fagans grounds


St Fagans ponds



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