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10 May 2016

Marians Pond Toad crossing

Grid Ref SO562118


The Marions Pond toad crossing day ended up being another really successful partnership working day.Marions Pond is situated on the side of the busy A4136 Monmouth to Mitcheldean road in the Forest of Dean.

We had removed and prepared the toad crossing back in October 2015 and had expected to replace it in December but there had been a hiccup about the new barrier manufacture. (See Toad Crossing removal)

The pond has been a toad breeding site for years and some years ago a tunnel was put in at their main crossing point under the road to allow toads to go under the road. A plastic fence was erected either side of the tunnel to guide the toads to the tunnel. Over the years this fence has deteriorated and toad casualty numbers rose again.


The Dean Green Team and Forestry Commission were working with Glos County Council ( who are helping to fund the fence), Amey ( who cleared the toad tunnel under the road and cleared the debris of the old fence) and Glos Highways (provided the temporary traffic lights and lane closure on the road) and also volunteers from the Ledbury Naturalists Field Club who crossed the county border to help toads.

This is the most amazing moment to date because we have been working hard over 3 days and we have been working ‘blind’ to make a new toad fence alongside the busy A4136.There is a tunnel under the road to allow toads and other wildlife to cross safely, but they need channelling to the tunnel hence the toad fence.

Working with just bits of plastic, cable ties, tree planting stakes and protected from the traffic by temporary lane closure and traffic lights kindly provided by Glos highways, the toad fence made beats any made by the professionals.


The new permanent fence will be put in next winter.





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