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10 April 2018

Foxes Bridge Colliery Tip

Grid Ref SO638136


Our last constructive day of the season was very cold and wet! (We will be doing surveys in the summer). However, undeterred, we had a good day.

A few of us were planting Common Dog-violets to increase the numbers of them growing on the banks at linear Park. The Common Dog-violet (Viola riviniana) is commonly found right across the UK and Ireland, and can appear in habitats from moors and woodland. The leaves are heart shaped with blue-purple or sometimes white coloured flowers with an orange centre appearing March-May.Wild violets can sometimes be mistaken for cultivated Sweet Violets (viola odarata) and palma violets which are scented. Native wild violets are an important larval food plant for some of Britains rarest butterflies such as the Small pearl-bordered Fritillary.


This violet planting team. We planted on the bank at the rear of the image and pulled away invasive bramble. There were quite a few violets already in situ so we added to these.







The team are having a break after building the new fence around the lake and planting a hawthorn hedge which can be seen in the image with small tree guards covering the little hawthorns.





The men are erecting a stile which will be used to cross the fencing when we do surveys of the butterflies and dragonflies in the summer.