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10 March 2020

Shakemantle Quarry

Grid Ref SO651113



It had been two and a half years since we last went to Shakemantle Quarry and it is such an interesting site. We were mainly removing small bushes and trees but we could not have a fire as a Peregrine was seen flying over the quarry as we arrived. It is nearly nesting season so we did not wish to disturb the Peregrine with a smoky fire!





The quarry looks quite bleak when the sun goes in!

Some of the large conifers have always been left there to grow.





This is not as precarious as it looks!

Litter picking was being done along the lower slopes.





ALL these bags were full of discarded rubbish in the quarry!

It might be considered that litter picking is not a wildlife conservation but it is! Many creatures get trapped in old tins and bottles and pollution from substances can have a bad effect. Also, we are now much more aware of how long plastics will take to rot down - hundreds of years!

Please don't leave litter - take it home!