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10 March 2009

The fire burnt all the brush away and herbicide was painted onto the stubs to prevent re-growth. Sheep might be introduced to keep the vegetation low.
The sides of the quarry are very steep and the thorny brush had to be dragged down the slopes.

The information on the site is quite extensive. Slow worms have been seen on this site in recent years and there is a good chance of seeing adders. The site is of special interest to geologists.



Stenders Quarry GWT SSSI Reserve

Grid Ref SO659183

Stenders Quarry was originally excavated for the limestone which was taken by tram or railway over the existing road to a cement works nearby. It must have been an enormous work place then. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust took over the maintenance of this site about 40 years ago and we were there to remove the thorny stems growing up the sides. Contractors had been in there before us to clear some of the larger trees.

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Clearing the brush


Burning the brush


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