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10 February 2015

Linear Park

Grid Ref SO650126


This was a very busy and very effective day, with lots of bracken raked, a good deal of hawthorn scrub thinned and trimmed or cleared altogether and the glade to the west of the big oaks dramatically opened up with and a clear route for the butterfly transect walkers provided, including the new bridge across the stream.






Starting to clear the transect route, Oaks West glade






Clearing the small hawthorn and oak from the cycle track bank





Cutting hawthorn out of the ditch and raking patches into dense bracken on the bank above





Southern end of scrub clearance on bank, Oaks East, and hawthorn on the bank trimmed up and thinned out to reduce shading and encourage germination. Brash piled clear of bracken edge and short grass areas at base of 'Triangle'


How do we do this exactly? Planning the bridge construction .... Setting the bearers ... Testing the bridge ... Really testing the bridge

Happy bridge-builders and transect walkers!


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