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10 January 2012


Grid Ref SO630127



The area behind Woorgreen Lake and leading up to Crabtree Hill has been extensively cleared of conifer forest in the last few months. As the area is now a wildlife reserve, the land will be reverted back the heath land so there is a great deal of work for the Dean Green Team to do there. It is interesting to see many small ponds which have appeared on the land but, quite a few of them might dry out during the summer.

We have started the task of burning the debris left from the cut forest in order to create glades and allow wild flowers to thrive.







This fire became one of the largest we had ever burnt and was extremely smokey as the brush was quite wet. We barely had to use saws or loppers as we just kept throwing on the cut branches all day!





We found this stump covered with broken pine cones which was obviously used regularly by the squirrels.






Two fires are burning fiercely. The team scraped up the debris to leave a clear surface for wild flowers to proliferate.

















































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