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9 November 2021

Pan Tod Ruardean Hill

Grid Ref SO634169

This was our tidy up day at Pan Tod as the wild flower meadows had been cut and we were raking the grass away which will also spread the seeds for next year. See the summer survey which we did on the 21 July 2021


It was good to have a large team of 20 members - most of them were doing the raking and some were dragging the piles of grass to the side of the site.

It is quite a large open area but 'many hands make light work' and, between us all, we did clear the whole site.

Rows of raked piles!

Massive piles of grass which will rot down during the winter.

Some of the members asked if the grass could be used for animal fodder. Actually, the answer is No because:-

It contains Ragwort and other flower seeds which are not good for some animals


It would be very difficult to transport it in such an unbaled condition


It was, actually, quite soggy!