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9 October 2018

Linear Park and Worcester Walk

Grid Ref SO650126 and SO59471165

The team were split in two this day. Half of us went to Linear Park to continue planting the wild flowers and the other half went to Worcester Walk to tidy up the old fencing.

At Worcester Walk we were helping the Worcester Walk Community Group improve the area for wildlife. Fence removal, scrub clearing etc.

At Linear park we were doing butterfly foodplant planting on the new clearfell area.


Linear Park




Once again we enjoyed such a beautiful autumn day of our Indian summer!

The site at Linear Park had been cleared of timber over a year ago so it was now time to plant perennial wild flowers all over the area with the hope that it would attract the butterflies in years to come.

These are some humps which were planted today with Cinquefoil and Agrimony to attract the Grizzled Skipper.


There are many more plants and a huge variety to plant. The plants became available courtesy of the

Worcester Walk




The surrounding fence line had become vastly overgrown and was trimmed down and tidied up with a fire to clear up the brush.

Removal of the old fence was necessary as it was a hazard for the deer.