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9 April 2019

Bullocks Beech

Grid Ref SO657098


We were tasked with removing a long trail of ancient fencing up the hill. Initially, we were going to remove 600 metres but it would seem that it was far longer than that! The track led over the hill as far as Staple Edge. Most of the fencing had collapsed and was a risk for deer entaglement. all the posts were removed as well.

We were warned not to disturb a close by area where there were a couple of Goshawks nesting and one of them was seen flying nearby.

The length of the old fencing stretch went up far past the track that can be seen.

At the top of the track there was evidence of ancient charcoal burning pits.






Removal of a couple of old stiles was also required.



We had the assistance of an FC truck and trailer to remove the old wire and fence posts.