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9 April 2013

Marians Inclosure

Grid Ref SO561121



A large stretch in Marians Inclosure has been coppiced during the winter. This was mainly the coppicing of Ash, Hazel and Sweet Chestnut. The team were called in to clear the ground level of all the brush which is now strewn about so that the flora can re-vitalise there. We needed to move the brush to cover up the coppiced stumps which had been left in order to deter the deer from eating the new shoots so that the coppiced wood could re-grow.

We will re-visit this site on the 30th April and the 7th of May







Log piles were built and the brush piles at the rear of the picture are covering up the stumps.





The team were divided up into groups to cover an area of about 1/4 mile.





Some of the team take a rest during the day. Our work varies on each site that we visit depending on the conservation needs of a site so, although we do spend a lot of time removing and tidying trees and shrubs, we also have a chance to talk things over!

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