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9 February 2010

These are part of the remaining walls of Darkhill Steels works with the smoke from our distant fire amongst the trees in the background.

In 1819 David Mushet built a foundry at Darkhill, where he experimented with iron and steel making. In 1845, his youngest son, Robert Forester Mushet, took over management of the site. He continued his father's experiments at Darkhill, and later a few hundred yards away at the Forest Steel Works; carrying out over ten thousand experiments in just ten years.

One his greatest achievements was to perfect the Bessemer process by developing a method to improve the quality of steel it produced by adding precise amounts of carbon and manganese, in the form of spiegeleisen




Milkwall - Darkhill Steel Works

Grid Ref SO588087

The continuing work we have been doing at Milkwall which is adjacent to the remains of the Darkhill Steel Works is now having a big impact on the area. We have opened up a large part of the forest to convert it to heathland by cutting back many old and dead trees and removing the underlying brush.


Darkhill Steel Works


Sunshine break!

At last - we have some sunshine!


This is a video of us at work. The area was totally smothered in dead trees and bushes and now we have cleared the stream and opened up the banks.


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